July 27, 2009

University Web Site

Ashland University's web site is currently undergoing redesign. As the process continues and the roll-out date approaches, a content update freeze will be placed upon university web sites including the Library and Instructional Resource Center, beginning September 1st.

"The moratorium on web development will continue over the summer. A content freeze will go into effect 4 to 6 weeks prior to the website launch in late September or early October. All content on web pages will be moved to the new website as is unless there are emergency updates due to upcoming activities or other critical changes." -IT Advisory Committee

We understand how frustrating this may be to library users who are accessing databases for course work, using the catalog, requesting inter-library loan, or simply looking for library hours, news and information. To help keep library users up-to-date during the web site redesign process, we will use this blog and the Instructional Resource Center blog as news and information portals.

The Library News Blog, a spotlight feature, will continue to link directly to the most recent blog post. Visit here frequently; consider adding us to your feed reader!

Library Features will link directly to this post as a reminder the content freeze is in effect.

Portions of our web sites not effected by the content freeze include:

Please feel free to contact us with questions regarding the University web site redesign. We want to make this transition as easy as possible.