September 30, 2011

OhioLINK - OCLC Collection Analysis Project

OhioLINK and OCLC released a report detailing collection analysis of academic library usage of books and manuscripts "because these materials typically circulate, and circulation is a significant element in evaluating collections" (OhioLINK What's New, 9/29/11).

The data used in the report was from a collaborative OCLC-OhioLINK Collection and Circulation Analysis project that joined OhioLINK circulation data with WorldCat bibliographic records to produce a base file of circulation records for nearly 30 million different books. Ninety institutions participated in the study, including 16 universities, 23 community/technical colleges, 50 private colleges and the State Library of Ohio. The size of the combined collection and the number and diversity of participating institutions make this by far the largest and most comprehensive study of academic library circulation ever undertaken. -- OhioLINK What's New, 9/29/11

More information is available:

September 20, 2011

Library Spotlight: Recreational Reading

Did you know the library has a recreational reading collection? Genres added to this collection include mysteryfantasy fiction, humorous fiction, historical fictionAlex Award books, and general fiction. New books are added periodically throughout the year. When shelf ready, titles are featured in the new books area on library main floor near the patio doors.

Recent additions to the library recreational collection include:

September 18, 2011

OhioLINK Maintenance Downtime

OhioLINK will be doing maintenance work on its systems from 8:00 p.m. on Monday, September 19th, until 4:00 a.m. the next morning, and again from 8:00 p.m. on Monday, September 26th, until 4:00 a.m. the following morning.  This work may interfere with access to a wide range of OhioLINK resources, including the OhioLINK Catalog, databases, eBook collections, OLinks, and the Electronic Journal Center.

September 13, 2011

LIC: Accent on Success

Accent on Success classes are meeting with reference librarians this week for library instruction and orientation sessions. The LIC, or Library Instruction Classroom, is located on the ground floor of AU Library.  When entering the library near the auriculum, stairs are located to the right and elevators are available across from the circulation desk. If using the patio entrance, stairs are located past the recreational reading and computer work area on your left.

Welcome! We look forward to your first of many visits to Ashland University Library.

September 9, 2011

JSTOR Service Alert

Please note the following service update information from JSTOR support:
"On Friday, September 9 and Saturday, September 10, JSTOR will be performing site maintenance that requires a “read-only” period for these two days. During this scheduled maintenance, users will be able to search, browse, and access and download PDF files for content in JSTOR. They will not be able to save citations, reset passwords, create or update MyJSTOR accounts, or purchase articles."

"We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and appreciate your patience as we work to improve JSTOR." -- JSTOR Support

Quesitons? Feel free to contact the reference desk at extension 5402 (or 419-289-5402) for information.

September 6, 2011

Library Spotlight: Summer Projects

University Completes $1.2 Million Library Project

Ashland University has completed a $1.2 million library upgrade this summer that included the installation of solar panels on the lower level roof of the tallest building in Ashland County.

"This is the first time we have installed solar panels on this campus," said Rick Ewing, vice president of facilities management. "Our primary motivation was not necessarily financial, but the potential and opportunity for us to move in the direction of reducing the impact we have on our environment. It's a first step for us."

Ewing said the $1.2 million library upgrade was a three-step process that included:
  • replacing the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) equipment in the building, which included taking out all the electric baseboard heat and replacing it with a gas fired boiler feeding two heat pumps on each floor.
  • retrofitting the lighting in the building. Ewing said workers changed out the T8 fixtures, which will result in not only an energy savings but improvement in lighting levels and the lifespan of the bulbs.
  • installing a 10 kilowatt array of single photo panel cells on two sections of the low roof as well as the side of the library. The sections on the lower roof each contain 18 panels.
"The cost of the solar panel work was $95,000 and it has a 14-year payback," Ewing said. "There also is the potential to get state tax grant money to offset a third of that cost."

Ewing said the solar panels will be tied into the library's electrical system and this will help offset the electricity that is pulled from the university's grid.

"Eventually, we hope within three to four weeks, we will have a link on our website that will feature real time monitoring of the electrical output of the panels," Ewing said. "The project is part of a performance contract where the vendor and installer will document and track the energy savings over the next 10 years and guarantee the savings will exceed the financed cost of the project."

Ewing said he believes this is a creative way for Ashland University to finance these energy and deferred maintenance upgrades without directly impacting the University's general fund. Ewing is a member of the green sustainability group on campus titled "Ashland University Goes Green." "This group is heavily involved in informing students and promoting green initiatives on campus," he said.  

Article first published in Campus Connections 8/30/2011
Reprinted with permission, AU Office of Public Relations
Images from Ashland University Goes Green, Facebook

September 1, 2011

Library Hours Update: Labor Day

AU Library hours for the Labor Day holiday weekend are:
  • Saturday, September 3rd - Library Closed
  • Sunday, September 4th - Library Closed
  • Monday, September 5th - Library Open 6:00 pm to Midnight

Regular library hours resume on Tuesday, September 8th.  Have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend!