September 30, 2011

OhioLINK - OCLC Collection Analysis Project

OhioLINK and OCLC released a report detailing collection analysis of academic library usage of books and manuscripts "because these materials typically circulate, and circulation is a significant element in evaluating collections" (OhioLINK What's New, 9/29/11).

The data used in the report was from a collaborative OCLC-OhioLINK Collection and Circulation Analysis project that joined OhioLINK circulation data with WorldCat bibliographic records to produce a base file of circulation records for nearly 30 million different books. Ninety institutions participated in the study, including 16 universities, 23 community/technical colleges, 50 private colleges and the State Library of Ohio. The size of the combined collection and the number and diversity of participating institutions make this by far the largest and most comprehensive study of academic library circulation ever undertaken. -- OhioLINK What's New, 9/29/11

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