September 27, 2022

Library Spaces • Group & Quiet

Space Guidelines

Back by popular demand, designations for quiet study and group work areas in Archer Library. Informational signage has been posted on the book return bins on each floor.  For ease of viewing, floors 4 through 6 have secondary signs on the endcaps. 

Below is an overview of Archer Library space guidelines. The second floor is a combination of group work and quiet study;  as classes often meet in the curriculum textbook annex and a variety of assignments are facilitated by the Instructional Resource Center.

Quiet Study • Floors 3 & 4

  • Talking is limited;
  • Occasional conversations permitted;
  • Cell phone set to vibrate;
  • Headphone volume set to personal level; and
  • Loud typing is discouraged.

Group Work Areas • Floors 5 & 6

  • Group work is encouraged;
  • Normal conversational volume is expected;
  • Cell phone conversations normal volume (not speaker);
  • Cell phone set to quiet or vibrate; and
  • Be considerate of other groups working in the area.

Study Rooms • Floors 2, 4, & 5
  • Available for groups and single occupants;
  • Normal conversational volume is expected;
  • Study rooms follow the space designation of their floor;
  • Be considerate of other students working near the room; and 
  • Remember, study rooms are NOT soundproof.

September 20, 2022

Banned Books Week Display

Top 10 Most Challenged Books • 2021

If you haven't already done so, take time to explore the Banned Books Week display on the main floor of Archer Library. Learn more about the Top 10 Most Challenged books of 2021,  get a free bookmark or button, pick up a copy of the top ten list, or take a word search sheet for fun.

September 19, 2022

Banned Books Week 2022

It's Banned Books Week

Take time this week to explore Archer Library's Banned Books Week library guide. Learn more about the differences between banned vs challenged books, resources available in library collections, Banned Book Week infographics, and additional details about the Top 10 Challenged Books in 2021. New titles are not the only ones being challenged, view the section on Challenged Classics and titles such as Of Mice and Men, The Call of the Wild, and Beloved.

September 6, 2022

Library Event Calendar

Explore Library Events
Our events calendar helps users keep up-to-date with what's happening in Archer Library. It features library events, displays, library instruction sessions, and more.  This month features a phonics scavenger hunt activity, library orientation sessions, and a Celebrating the Constitution display. 

Using the Calendar
Select an event to learn more about scheduled items for Archer Library's Active Learning Classroom, the Instructional Resource Center, and display locations.  Each event provides information and resources; instruction sessions even link to library guides!

But Wait, There's More
Hours for Archer Library, the Instructional Resource Center, and Ashland Theological Seminary library are provided on the main calendar page. You can also access our online study room reservation system from the calendar home page.

Access Archer Library's Event calendar from our website. See you soon!

September 1, 2022

Archer Library Hours • Labor Day

Holiday Hours • Labor Day

Archer Library's hours for the Labor Day holiday are noted below. A complete listing of library hours and updates is available on our website. 

  • Saturday, September 3:  Closed
  • Sunday, September 4: Closed
  • Monday, September 5:  Open 6 p.m. to Midnight

August 29, 2022

Library Hours • Fall 2022


Archer Library Hours 

Archer Library's fall hours schedule begins Monday, August 29th. A complete listing of library hours, exceptions, and updates is available on the library website. Please note that library hours are subject to change.

August 22, 2022

Faculty College 2022 • Active Learning Classroom

Ashland University Faculty College • Fall 2022 

Join us Wednesday, August 24th at 3 p.m. in Archer Library's Active Learning Classroom

This session introduces Archer Library's new Instruction Program site and a tour of the active learning classroom. We will explore our redesigned library program, instructional support options, implementation of ACRL's Framework for Information Literacy, and assessment. 

Attendees will participate in a scavenger hunt, in person or online, featuring information literacy-based activities designed to compliment each work area. We will explore the collaborative learning environment and high-tech classroom features perfect for library instruction. Feel free to take a sneak-peak at our session guide. Bet you didn't realize (ahem) "we know where your cat lives" - something to look forward to.

Librarians will be available to discuss designing and scheduling library instruction sessions.  We hope to see you in the library.

August 15, 2022

Archer Library Instructon Program

Course Integrated Library Instruction

Archer Library's instruction program supports the educational mission of Ashland University by providing information literacy based library instruction sessions. Core competencies of information literacy include "the abilities involved in identifying an information need, accessing needed information, evaluating, managing, and applying information, and understanding the legal, social, and ethical aspects of information use" (ACRL,2006). Instruction sessions are designed to actively involve students, each provides opportunity for experiential learning and scaffolds relevant research skills.

Librarians will work with you to: 

  • Identify library resources (e.g. databases, eBooks and OER) best suited to student research, 
  • Design and develop sessions that actively involve students, provide for experiential learning and scaffold relevant research skills to support assignments, 
  • Provide students with information literacy skills to help them think critically about their research Explore and identify assessment strategies for your library instruction session, and 
  • Identify information literacy framework knowledge practices and dispositions to connect research and learning with student success

July 13, 2022

OhioLINK Music Center 2.0

OhioLINK Music Center 2.0
The Music Center release provides a more updated look and feel and aligns the user interface with other OhioLINK-managed electronic resources such as the Electronic Journal Center (EJC) and Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) Center. The release includes a new feature that allows users to save frequent searches as a URL.

Interested in a preview?  
Click here to listen to music selections by John Williams including Star Wars, Harry Potter, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  

About the OhioLINK Music Center
The OhioLINK Music Center, a subset of the Naxos Music Library, is an online streaming music database of international works from Classical to Spoken Word. The 78,000+ tracks, 21,000+ works can be searched or browsed by track, title, performer, album, composer and date of composition. 

Access to the music files is restricted to the students, faculty and staff of OhioLINK member institutions. Off-campus authentication is required.