September 19, 2017

OhioLINK: 25th Anniversary

OhioLINK 25th Anniversary from OH-TECH on Vimeo.

OhioLINK: In the Beginning

"OhioLINK, a cooperative venture of university libraries and the Ohio Department of Higher Education, grew out of a 1987 recommendation by the board’s library committee that 'the state of Ohio implement, as expeditiously as possible, a statewide electronic catalog system.'" 
"In 1992, six universities installed OhioLINK systems and began the ongoing process of building the central catalog." - OhioLINK History

OhioLINK has grown to 120 academic library's, including Ashland University Library. OhioLINK's vision is to "Provide Ohio students, faculty, and citizens with the best academic library content to achieve their goals and aspirations."

OhioLINK: Exceptional Value

Since 1992, OhioLINK has delivered "valuable resources to Ohio’s academic libraries at the lowest possible cost, saving millions of dollars in the process. How is this possible? By using the collective buying power of our 121 member libraries, OhioLINK negotiates better prices for resources than individual institutions or other library associations are able to." - Value of OhioLINK
Learn more about what OhioLINK - and Ashland University Library - provide for you:

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