June 6, 2011

OhioLINK Web Site

OhioLINK's User Services committee has been working to update and refresh the OL web site to, among other things, make it more easily accessible to users using mobile devices. Zoe Stewart-Marshall, Assistant Director, User Services Development at OhioLINK released the following information this morning.

With the approval of the User Services Committee, the new header bar and stylesheet are now in place on the main web site. This continues the ongoing process to refresh our user interfaces which you have seen already in the EJC and other OhioLINK services.

This refresh includes revisions to the home page, including a different layout if the page detects you're using a mobile browser (to see it, resize your browser window to less than 800px wide and go to http://www.ohiolink.edu/ - it also happens automatically if your browser identifies itself with a name that includes iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Symbian*). This logic is also used in the map of members and the EJC article-level display.

As a lagniappe, the home page now also randomly rotates the library photo every thirty seconds.
We hope you enjoy the new look and feel and that our users coming in on mobile devices find that website easier to work with.

Zoe Stewart-Marshall Assistant Director,
User Services Development

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