April 22, 2010

Library Spotlight: Earth Day 2010

Looking for Earth Day 2010 resources? A great place to start is the Earth Day CyberExhibit created by the UB Libraries, University at Buffalo.

Earth Day 2010 - 40 Years of Environmental Learning
1970-2010: 40 Years

The UB Libraries presents a CyberExhibit (originally curated in 2000 on the 30th anniversary of Earth Day) commemorating the anniversary of Earth Day, which includes: a brief history of Earth Day, a listing of selected international, national, state, local, and campus Internet resources, and other materials. A special feature on education is added for the 40th Anniversary with expanded resources for kids,and teachers/educators in formal K-12 and non-formal (nature centers, museums, parks, camps, zoos, etc.) settings. -- University at Buffalo Libraries

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