July 8, 2010

OhioLINK: QuickSearch Update

Reposted from the OhioLINK What's New Blog:

What is happening with Quicksearch?

Over the holiday weekend, the database connected to Quicksearch stopped working and OARnet was unable to restart it. OARnet staff determined the issue nvolved Ex Libris software. With help from Ex Libris, the Israel-based company that supports Quicksearch, functionality was restored on Sunday. However, on Wednesday morning, the server that hosts the database failed, causing problems with other connected software. OARnet is working closely with Ex Libris to repair the problems. The two incidents at this time do not appear to be related.

How long will it be before Quicksearch is running again?

The process for restoring service is underway. OARNet will begin to work directly with Ex Libris beginning at 1 a.m. Thursday, July 8th. It is estimated that the restoration period will completed within 24 hours. OARnet will provide a progress update at mid-day July 8th.

Where else can you find information for your research?

If you are looking for journal articles you might want to try searching in the lectronic Journal Center or Academic Search Complete. You can find ebooks by searching theElectronic Book Center.

Where can you find updates?

OhioLINK is posting updates about the situation in a number of places:

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