October 31, 2008

A Halloween Classic

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, by Washington Irving was first published in 1820. Since then this short story has become an American literature classic and a favorite Halloween ghost story. Set in North Tarrytown, New York. Schoolmaster, Ichabod Crane competes for the hand of eighteen year old Katrina Van Tassel, only to find himself hunted by the menacing, Headless Horseman. Two hundred years after the story has been written, the town of Tarrytown, NY has since changed its name to Sleepy Hollow in order to embrace its connection to Irving’s famed story. Despite the gas stations and other modern shops along North Broadway, also known as Route 9, visitors can still envision the terrified ride that the village schoolteacher Ichabod Crane took from Sleepy Hollow, leaving a party given by the family of the Katrina Van Tassel. Henry Steiner, the village historian, occasionally gives tours of the one-mile route, pointing out the bridge to the church where the Headless Horseman mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind a trampled saddle and a smashed pumpkin. Today the bridge is gone, to mark the spot for sightseers two years ago on Halloween; the village erected a steel statue of the headless horseman preparing to hurl his jack-o’-lantern at his target.

Read a copy of, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow online, from Encyclopedia Britannica and have a Happy Halloween!

Find this book and more Halloween stories at the AU Library:

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
PZ7.I68 Le 2007
Special collections CB 536

City of Masks : A Cree Black Thriller
PS3558.E284 C54 2003

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
PZ8.1 .S399 Sc 1981

Halloween Through Twenty Centuries
GT4965 .L4

October 28, 2008

Library Spotlight: New Books

AU library adds new books to it's collection throughout the academic year. When shelf ready, new books are featured on the book shelf located on the main floor, adjacent to the reference and circulation area. All titles have been selected by AU librarians and are subject to the library's collection development policy which includes professional reviews and recommendations by faculty members.

Here are a few recent additions to the library collection:
What about new children's books? A set of new book shelves is located on the library second floor and features new additions to the juvenile collection. The Instructional Resource Center Blog routinely provides information regarding new additions to the IRC, juvenile, and education collections.

October 16, 2008

New from OhioLINK

OhioLINK now offers users an upgraded and interactive map for locating OhioLINK member libraries.

The following information is from Zoe Stewart-Marshall, Assistant Director of Library Systems - User Services Development at OhioLINK.

"We have released a new version of the OhioLINK Member Libraries page with upgraded functionality based on Google maps. It still provides access to a list of the Member Libraries and their contact information.


For those who may not be familiar with Google maps functionality, here are some helpful tips from Thomas, who developed this new version:

For those of you whose campuses are right next to another school (especially if the other school comes later in the alphabet), and your marker is largely covered up, there are several ways to navigate the map to get to your school. First and simplest, click the name of your school in the alphabetical list. The Google Maps software also provides several ways to zoom in and out: the "+" and "-" icons on the left side of the map, plus the gradients in between them; you can also double-click any spot on the map (except for markers, where you'll just open and close the information window); and if your mouse has a scroll wheel, that will also zoom in and out. Additionally clicking on one of the view by region links will help you zoom to a close up of a region,making it easier to spot schools that are clustered closely together.

Contact information becomes visible when you click on a marker for a given school. There are two tabs - one containing the links to institution URLS and the second tab labelled Contact Us, containing the contact information which you have provided.

A link to the text-only version remains available from the revised page."

Interested? Choose Ashland University from the menu to view:

It is possible to zoom in and out of the Google map with relative ease and view street names surrounding the library and campus. From the information balloon, "links" includes links to the library web site, library catalog, and the main Ashland University web site and "contact us" provides email, phone, and chat information for the library. A nice one stop way to find OhioLINK member libraries.

Don't forget, if you prefer the previous version of this page it continues to be available in text-only format.

October 1, 2008

OhioLINK Service: October 4th

Please keep the following in mind for this upcoming Saturday. The library is open on Saturday's from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

From Anita Cook @ OhioLINK:

Saturday, October 4, between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m.,
OhioLINK will be migrating our power source. This (process) will support our equipment through any type of downtime including the one that happened recently where parts of Columbus were without power for days.

During this time, the Central Catalog, the Webserver, DMC and DRC servers, and the Ebooks should remain online. The EJC and the OSearch databases will see some significant downtime though we hope to keep thatas minimal as possible.

Update: 10/2/08
Announced late this afternoon, server maintenance has been cancelled. There should be no interruption of service on Saturday.